Managerial Accounting

How to increase the Profitability Ratio?

The field of study which is found within accounting and is related to the information required by the organization. This field of accounting mostly includes topics like budgeting, cost behavior, manufacturing cost, capital budgeting, understanding cost behavior, cost-volume-profit analysis, standard costing, activity-based costing and analyzing the profit attained from product lines etc. Organizations focus on such topics can bring a difference in their profitability ratio. This information is used by the company managers in the decision-making process and other essential matter related to the...

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Techniques used in Managerial Accounting

What techniques are used in Managerial Accounting?

In order to attain organizational goals and objectives managerial accounting heavily relies on various techniques which are: - Margin analysis – This technique of managerial accounting is basically related to the incremental benefits of the increased value of production, Margin analysis is one of the most fundamental techniques which is used for managerial accounting. This technique involves calculation of breakeven point which helps in determining optimal sales mix for the organization’s products. Constraint Analysis – Another method of managerial accounting is the ana...

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