Economics and International Marketing

What are the diffrent types of Economics and International Marketing?

The economic condition of the market impacts what the organizations will offer and how will they present it to the target consumers. The economy of the target market is considered to be a marketing strategy because the local economy influences how the company approaches the target consumers. The local economic conditions limit the company’s ability to manufacture, ship and distribute its products while also following the regulatory constraints. Some of the ways in which the local economy impacts international business are: - Product development The international market is full of p...

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Factors impacting demand and supply

What are the factors impacting demand and supply?

Supply and demand both influence our economy in various ways. There are various factors that impact demand and supply in a positive or negative way. For instance, the technology upgradations in digital cameras can increase the demand for cameras, the decrease in price for gym membership can increase the demand for sportswear, increased price for organic food products can increase the supply from the even more but can lead to decrease in demand. Thus, supply and demand work go hand in hand and both respond to the market pressure. Fluctuations in price Fluctuation in price is considered t...

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