Strengths and weakness of networking

Discuss Strengths and weakness of networking in detail.

One of the most successful ways of sharing information is networking through the computer. Computer networking takes place when all the computers are linked together wirelessly by a common network. The organizations today heavily rely on getting information and data across the channels through networking because of its speed, reliability, and effectiveness. But no matter networking has many strengths it also has certain weakness. Strengths •    Networking enhances the communication skills as it allows to instantly talk or send messages, files, images to people in dif...

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What are the benifits of E-Commerce business?

The advancement in technology has introduced the consumers to a new form of experience which is known as e-commerce.  The complete process of marketing selling and delivering products or services through an online channel or internet is e-commerce. Advanced technology gas completely changed the way companies do business. Today the consumer can almost buy and sell everything online at any time of the day. E-commerce has a lot of advantages but it certainly has some challenges also. Easy shopping E-commerce is very convenient and is now become a preferred method for most of the p...

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