Time management at the workplace

Most of us try to plan our day but at the end of the day, we realize that after so much planning some of the tasks are still left undone.

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The key to a successful enterprise

There are three essential key elements that help in building any successful enterprise but the right balance and right mixture are what counts.

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Talent Management in Business

The term “talent management” was formed by McKinsey & Company in the year 1997 but was entered in papers in 1998. It is interlinked with strategic human resource planning written by Mark Foulon, Helen, Elizabeth and Steven. Talent management refers to a systematic process that attracts, encourages and retains a large number of high performing employees in the business.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of the goods and services flow and it includes the entire processes which convert raw materials into final products.

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Strategic planning

An Organisational management activity that is used to set the priorities, while also emphasizing on the resources, strengthening the operations and ensure that the employees are working towards the common objective is known as strategic planning.

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Social Media and Consumer Engagement

Social media has helped the business in a valuable manner to engage and communicate with consumers.

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Risk Management in Business

While running a business there is always a risk of unanticipated incidents that might happen like theft, a natural disaster, operational setback, etc. that could affect the smooth running of the business and might even cost huge loss.

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Role of technology in business development

Technological implementation in business has become a necessity to stay in this competitive environment.

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Effective communication at the workplace

Effective communication in the workplace is an important aspect that leads to success in business.

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Dealing with difficult consumers

The consumer may always be right but at times it becomes very difficult for the store manager or the salesperson to deal with the consumer, but to stay in business it's important to handle the consumers efficiently.

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