Change Management

Change happens due to various reasons that impact the employees, the management or the company in different ways.

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Agile Project Management

Project Management is a task which is not easy to execute for any project, the expectation of the customers is that they get quality, matching the deadlines and within a set budget.But this does not end here, the expectations keep changing throughout the project execution.

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Advertising is considered as a mode of communication by creating awareness among clients of goods and services.

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Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is a group of variables that are used by organisations to determine the brand or product offerings.

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Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning (STP)

In the current marketing, STP is considered as a significant strategic approach. It is a broad framework of marketing that simplifies the process of business activities.

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Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is a process where HR manager finds and attracts a large number of candidates to fill up the vacant job positions in the business.

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Training and development

Training and development are considered as the organisational subsystem that emphasise on the performance improvements of groups and individuals.

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Brand Management

Brand management is a significant process of marketing in which the perceived value of a brand is planned and analysed.

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Business Environment

The business environment is a set of all the external and internal variables that affect businesses.

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Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-Benefit Analysis is considered as a process that is used by businesses for analysing the decisions.

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