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OCHS11026 Introductory Occupational Health and Safety - Assessment 2

OCHS11026 Introductory Occupational Health and Safety - Assessment 2

Assessment 2

Task Description

In this assessment you will explore the Generalist OHS Professional in Australia.

Chapter 3 of the OHS Body of Knowledge (OHS BoK) discusses the Generalist OHS Professional in Australia and covers the history, positive and negative aspects of the role, challenges, education, perceptions, recognition and paradigm shifts in the understanding of the OHS field of practice.

For this assessment you are required to construct a reflective mind map related to five main elements of the profession of OHS that are covered in chapter 3 of the OHS BoK.

Therefore, for each of the headings listed below, display, via a mind map, your deeper understanding of these elements which are extensively discussed in chapter 3, being:-

(1) Perceptions of the OHS professional,

(2) OHS educational issues,

(3) Australian legislation development,

(4) OHS paradigm shifts (ages of safety) and

(5) OHS professional roles.

The five headings above form the basis of your mind map, branching out from OHS in the centre, and you should add to those branches, ideas, concepts and understandings of what you now know they represent as they relate to the profession of OHS.


Presentation Format:

You are required to prepare a ONE page mind map of what you have learnt under each of the headings referred to above that you have learnt about this term.


Examples will be given in Moodle, however please feel free to research Mind Maps and see how you would like to present your work.


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