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THMBA501_t1 Business Portfolio and Dynamic Capability Development Report

THMBA501_t1 Business Portfolio and Dynamic Capability Development Report

Business Portfolio and
Dynamic Capability
Development Report

Fantasy Film

Claudio Marcilio de Oliveira – 132995


The business portfolio is mainly described as the business organisations set of
products, holdings, investments, brands and businesses.

The business strategies are much aligned and depend upon business portfolio.
The business organization is able to attract investors and stakeholders through
their business portfolio.

The business organisation focuses on collaborating with different brands or even
purchasing them in order to enhance the business portfolio. The study shed lights
on Fantasy film which is one of the successful digital animation organisational
and studio.

BCG Matrix


Relative Market Share

Market Growth Rate





BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix is basically a framework that has been created by the Boston Consulting Group in order to judge
the strategic position if the organisation’s brand portfolio as well as its potential. As per the view of
Gerasymenko et al. (2015), the BCG Matrix elaborates the business portfolio mainly into four parts based upon
the industries appeal as well as on the competitive position. The parts are:


Question marks

Cash Cows


The BCG Matrix could help the Fantasy Film to understand their market position as well as their brand portfolio
potential in the business market. The BCG Matrix is also the initial point of the business analysis (Mohajan,

GE-McKinsey Matrix

Fantaspace has high industry attractiveness and
competitive strength .

Advantage has medium industry attractiveness and
high competitive strength.

Yoda Knows has High industry attractiveness and
medium competitive strength

GE-McKinsey Matrix

The GE-Mckinsey matrix is mainly a strategy tools used by the business
organization to follow a systematic approach.

As stated by Knop and Mikulová (2019), the systematic approach is basically
aligned with the multi-business corporation in order to prioritize the organisations
investment for its business units.

This tool helps the business organisation to utilise its business portfolio and
resources to its best extent.

As per the view of Mohajan (2017), the GE-Mckinsey Matrix also assists the
business organisation to take adequate decision as well as helps in making
appropriate investments.

Synergy Matrix

Threshold of acceptance



Benefits from belonging

to portfolio



Advantage &




Benefit to portfolio




Yoda Knows

Synergy Matrix

The synergy matrix is also a strategy tool that is being utilised by Yoda Knows,
Fantaspace & Advantage to enhance the performance and productivity. There are
mainly six aspects for this tool and those are; givers, misfits, parasites, takers, fits,

These organizations make a point to increase their investment by doi8ng investment
across a multiple business portfolio (Knop and Mikulová), 2019. Here too it has been
observed that Fantapce, Advantage too have invested in number of organizations.



DigiFx has low industry attractiveness and medium
competitive strength identified through Mc-Kinsey Matrix.

DigiFx business unit could be stated as question mark mainly
because it has low market share but high growth potential
(Knop and Mikulová, 2019).

The DigiFx is a business organization that is specialized in
special effects for the live action movies.



Anisoft has low industry attractiveness and low competitive strength identified through
the Mc-Kinsey Matrix.

Anisoft mainly develops digital animation software’s and the business revenue is near
about $150 million. Recently DreamWorks has assigned some projects to Anisoft and this
could provide competitive advantage to the business organisation.

Presently the competitive strength is low but the recent project is going to overcome this
barrier. The incoming and outgoing benefits are also low.



Advantage could be aligned with the BCG Matrix
in order to understand the effectiveness of the
business unit.

According to BCG Matrix, Advantage is a cash cow
with high market and slow growth.

Advantage is mainly specialized in developing
animated advertisement for the internet and

Advantage business generates near about $1.9
billion in revenue. Some of the important clients of
Advantage are Apple, Tesla Motors and Amazon.

Yoda Knows


According to the Mc-Kinsey Matrix Yoda Knows has High industry
attractiveness and medium competitive strength.

Yoda Knows is a small game developing organisation that is
specialized in first-person shooter game.

Yoda Knows generates revenue of near about $200. The revenue is
very low but the competitive strength is high. The incoming benefit is
high as well as the outgoing benefits is very high.



As per the BCG Matrix, Fantaspace is the star of the business unit with high market share
as well as high growth industry.

Fantaspace has high industry attractiveness and competitive strength identified through
the McKinsey Matrix.

Fantaspace is mainly specialized in digital animation and generates the revenue of nearly
$3.5 billion.

Fantaspace has very high revenue and the competitive strength is also high. The
incoming benefit and outgoing benefit is also high.


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