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Assignment Service Australia provides services of professional proofreading to professors, researchers, students and business executives. The aim of Assignment Service Australia is to meet all the demands of business executives and students. We provide academic and scientific services for research papers, essays, blogs, journal articles, research proposals in various streams such as humanities, computer science, social science etc. Our prices are set at a fixed rate, and the price remains the same in case of any work complexity.

We have also provided help to many researchers and professors by proofreading their written content before actual publication. Without proofreading the written work, it may happen that the work is not accepted because of many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Our team of proof-readers and journal editors help in providing more efficient services.

Preparing any scientific or academic article is a simple process but producing it to be sound and convincing content is a matter of concern. We make sure that the language used in the content is clear and appropriate. All tables and diagrams are used to display data visually. References are accurate and are in correct style. The support service by Assignment Service Australia can help you to polish all major aspects of a document.

All your documents are proofread with the help of “track changes” function of Microsoft Word. This is a standard way to track changes in your document. We also provide service to proofread all the LaTeX-based documents. We have a bank of proof-readers that are expert in different academic disciplines. Assignment Service Australia becomes very selective while hiring proof-readers. Our proof-readers are PhD holders with extensive experience. Along with higher qualification and experience, our proof-readers had also passed an entry test. The information related to our proof-readers is correct and accurate. We guarantee to never share your personal information with any third party.


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16 Jul, 2019

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Troy, Washington USA
17 Aug, 2019

I finished my assignment before deadline and received distinction. Thanks for helping with my assignment.

Mark Bennett, Canberra
15 Jul, 2019

I always recommend this website to my friends. I have sought help from this website several times.


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