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Referencing is one of the important parts of assignment writing. Almost all assignments have marks that are allocated to the students who have correctly referred to the sources of other authors. Professors can deduct marks if the students fail to correctly cite their sources. The student may receive a fail grade due to incorrect referencing. So, it is very important to perform this task during assignment writing. The inclusion of references adds to the credibility of the new assignment. Citing different resources shows that the students have used genuine data to complete the project. Referencing shows that the student has worked hard to collect relevant information regarding a particular topic. Referencing also gives credit to the original authors who have provided this information. Referencing allows readers to access more information about the topic. Referencing also ensures that students do not plagiarize the work of other people.
Every assignment uses a different standard for referencing the resources that were used to complete the assignment. Harvard, APA and MLA are the three main types of referencing styles that are used in assignments. The information required to generate a reference changes on the basis of the resources that are used to develop the report. Assignments usually require that students include references to a specified number of journal articles, website links, YouTube videos and books to complete the assignment and receive a high grade. The experts working at Assignment Service Australia have knowledge of all the major referencing styles. These experts always choose the best references according to the assignment and provide the proper in-text citation to these resources. The experts always include references that are best suited to the assignment based on student requirements. Our experts always ensure that the latest sources are included in the assignment so that the students can receive a high distinction grade.


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